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Share Techno.com, a Leading & well esteemed soft-web Developing Company in Amravati Maharashtra .our intention is to set-up our Web Developing Company is to provide the best Technical support and to shape eCommerce business  level services across India and worldwide .

As We Team in mind have embedded the simple Program code of providing the best of the Web and Mobile Apps solutions to the required business applications of Our clients to their satisfaction and delivering highly integrated solutions with best returns to our clients will always be our highest priority.

We Share Techno.com  keep pace with technology to meet and lead the changes to the need of our clients as cutting edges to Technology day by day. We here are to assist you and of an entire project from analysis and web design right through to documentation and deployment and assisting our clients with a part of their project. We welcome their suggestions, advices and innovative ideas to transform them into the world of Technology. We develop and integrated custom web applications, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce websites, convert PSD (Photoshop Document) into CSS and Graphic Designing solution.

Our Aim is To provide the best services to your business and to satisfy our clients by winning their hearts to high standards which in return will earn the value of their faith


 So Get to Know a little about our Team

Mr. Sushil Khadse
Mr. Kayyum Shah
Ms. Manali Sonawane
Mr. Shyam Wankhade

Mr. Sushil Khadse

Mr. Sushil Khadse is managing director of SHARE TECHNO.com has recently started with His own soft-web developing company by considering the requirements and satisfaction of his client since He has been working in the field of technology for last 5 years as FreeLancer for some companies who applied the best quality of His Experiences in web development as well as in Mobile apps.
All Positive remarks and fully satisfaction of His Clients  + All his technical friends circle who often reminded him being He is mastered in Computer Science + being having good proficiency in programming languages which made Him to rethink to carry out with His own Existence in soft -web development company that is already now existed.
So We wish Him All The Best !
Team- Sharetechno

Mr. Kayyum Shah

kayyumMr. Kayyum Shah
is a proficient web designer an expert of Graphic Designing for more than 7 Years who gives wonderful and gorgeous look to our Designing. He worked parallel as part time Computer Teacher in Central Prisoner Jail of Amravati Maharashtra which causes him to feel as a privilege to teaching prisoners.
He has been a great friend of our managing director and remained helpful to one another in all the way possible whether in business or in our personal views.
Now Kayyum shah designated as Operational Director of SHARE TECHNO.com and applying his skill in the best of what his industries.
We Wish Him All The Best!
Team- Share Techno

Ms. Manali Sonawane

Ms. Manali Sonawane is mastered in her Computer Application from Amravati University and had been working in software and web developing companies for last three years, now she is returned Amravati and no more plan to go or join any other remote companies.
 She recently has joined SHARE TECHNO.com and pleased to work with us. And we all are glad to work in hand in hand so as to form beautiful world of SHARE TECHNO.com.
She now looking after raising projects for our company and applying her skill in web developing & in mobile apps requirement from costumers.
We wish her all the Best!
 Team- Share Techno

Mr. Shyam Wankhade

shyam1 new photoMr. Shyam Wankhade is graduated in Master of Computer Application from Pune University and has diligently been stretching his hands in his gained skill of Computer Programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc.
He now feels as privileged to be a part of SHARE TECHNO.com which enhances his skill and shaping him in order to stand firmly in this World of Technology.
 We wish him all the Best!
 Team- Share Techno

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